Rhino Linings Corporation Sponsors Camping World Truck Series Race

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Rhino Linings, a leader in both the protective coatings and building products industries, has signed a multi-year agreement as the title sponsor of the annual NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“Rhino Linings is the most recognized brand in the sprayed on truck bed liner industry, so it only makes sense that we would sponsor a truck race,” said Pierre Gagnon, president and CEO of Rhino Linings. “NASCAR has a huge following of engaged and supportive fans who are also consumers of our vehicle protection and construction products. So we’re excited about the opportunity to partner with Las Vegas Motor Speedway for this popular event.”

Rhino Linings made a name for itself in the truck accessories market as the leader in sprayed-on truck bed liners. Over the past several years, Rhino Linings has expanded into the building and construction market with products that include DuraTite and BioBased Insulation spray foam insulations, Concrete Solutions repair and decorative concrete overlay products, and Expo Stucco exterior stucco and interior finishes.

Rhino Linings Launches New Low-Pressure Machine

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Low-Pressure System Meets Needs of Smaller Volume Businesses and Equipment Manufacturers

Rhino Linings is introducing the LP 1:1 Elite, a new low-pressure machine for applying protective linings to vehicles, machinery and parts, at the Work Truck Show March 5-7 in Indianapolis, Ind.1:1 Elite was developed to serve several emerging segments of the market, specifically smaller volume truck bed lining businesses, auto body shops, up-fitters who spray one to two trucks a week and original equipment manufacturers who spray their component parts and equipment.

“When Rhino Linings first started 26 years ago, the spray-on market was dominated by low-pressure applications,” said Pierre Gagnon, president and CEO of Rhino Linings. ”Gradually more applicators transitioned to high-pressure machines to keep up with their increasing business volume. Until now, that’s left a void for smaller volume businesses or specialty manufacturers who can’t justify the investment in a high-pressure machine.”

The LP 1:1 Elite fills that void because the system is affordable, easy to use and to maintain. Key to the system’s ease of use is the proportioning unit that delivers precisely-metered chemicals at a fixed flow rate for consistent results. This low-pressure system also alleviates issues cartridge gun applicators experience such as downtime needed to replace empty cartridges and high material costs. With the addition of the LP 1:1 Elite to its equipment line, Rhino Linings now offers base packages starting at less than $4,200.

Rhino Linings Expands Building Product Lines

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Rhino Linings Expands Building Product Lines

Leader in Sprayed-On Bed Liners Finds Growth Opportunities in New Market

Rhino Linings made a name for itself in the truck accessories market as the leader in sprayed-on truck bed liners. But over the past several years, the company has expanded its focus to include the building and construction market.Today, in addition to its vehicle protection, elastomeric and specialty coatings business units, Rhino Linings also has a growing building products business unit.

The company’s expansion into the building products industry really began in 2011 when Rhino Linings acquired Concrete Solutions repair and decorative concrete overlay products. An acquisition of BioBased Insulation spray polyurethane foams followed in 2012. The SPF product line expanded in 2013 with the introduction of DuraTite spray foam insulation and roofing and BioSeal sealants. In December, Rhino Linings acquired the Expo Stucco line of exterior stucco products, plaster mixes, interior finishes, patching products, bonders and sealers.

At first glance, it might appear that these product lines have little in common. However, there are key similarities in manufacturing and the ingredients used in concrete overlays and stucco. Elastomeric and spray polyurethane foams share similar manufacturing processes, ingredients, equipment and applicator training.This market expansion also benefits the growing network of Rhino Linings contractors and applicators. Contractors can offer new products or services, reach new customers and expand their business – essentially making them a one-stop shop for their customers.